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What we do

Providing soutoins and working on projects in the area of Business development and Education"


Translated a book (published in April, 2020)
"I'm my own tiny Pride parade - LGBT+ in Sweden" by Sofia Jernberg, published by Mitsui Publishing
Some chapters available 
online (only in Japanese).

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Translated a book (published for limited circulation in Dec., 2020)
"Prata politik! (Let's talk about politics)" by Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.
Also available 
online  (only in Japanese).

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Business Development & Marketing Support

Supporting business expansion in Japan

We help corporate business development utilizing skills and experiences from various industry as well as various phase of the business development, employing internal/external resources. We are specialized in the early stage and the early expansion stage of the business.

Business coverage:
- New business development
- New product/service development
- Foreign companies/brands to enter/expand in Japan

Mainly supporting:
Product /service development / Research and analysis / Alliance and collaborations / Sales / PR / CRM and more

Main industry:
Education / Office automation equipment / Retail and distribution / Healthcare / Food / IT service

Charge on hourly rate or Fixed charge per month.

- Patterns of support -

We work as a part of the client's team and support their business in the long-term.

<Work Reference (including ongoing projects)>
  • Dalarna Co., Ltd. (Marketing director) 2015-
  • Management Consulting Office 2015-
  • Uneplage International Co., Ltd. (Marketing/Growth) 2017-
  • Business Sweden (External Consultant) 2017-
  • Hokuou-Teshigoto, Nordic Handicraft School in Tokyo (PR, Business development) 2016-2018, 2020-
  • Global Stage Inc. (Consultant) 2016-2018
  • Skylight Games LLC (Marketing) 2015-2016

Supporting foreign startups and SMBs expanding in Japan. From market research, sales channel development to PR. 

<Project Reference> *=via client work / without *= direct contract
  • TransferWise, FinTech Startup from the U.K./Estonia (B2C)
  • Iggesund Paperboard, Packaging Solution Company from Sweden (B2B)
  • nora systems, Material Manufacturer from Germany (B2B)
  • e-learnig service from the U.S.(B2C)
  • Healthcare company from Sweden (B2B)* 4 companies
  • Bedding company from Sweden (B2B)*
  • CleanTech Startup from Sweden (B2B)*
  • Logistics Company from Sweden (B2B)*
  • Mobility Company from Sweden (B2C)*
  • Apparel Company from Sweden (B2C)*     and more

Supporting new business development and marketing overseas of Japanese company.

<Project References> *=via client work / without *= direct contract
  • Major education service company - Market reseach to develop new business in Asia (B2C)
  • Major logistics group company - Planning and direction of web renewal project (B2B, B2C)
  • Research company - Market reseach of lifestyle app in Asia (B2C)
  • Major education service company - Content planning and direction of overseas education case (B2C)*
  • Major education group company - Marketing project in Asia (B2C)*
  • Major food chain - Marketing project in Asia (B2C)*
  • Major food company - Marketing project in Asia (B2C)*
  • Major consumables manufacturer - Marketing project in Asia (B2C)*
  • Major electrical equipment manufacturer - Interview for the new business development
  • Major machine manufacturer - Interview for the new business development
  • Major finance company - Interview for the new business development     and more

Education-related Projects

Developing educational workshops which nurture creativity

Running a education platform "Lilla Turen" to introduce Nordic way of education. Together with various stakeholders such as teachers, HR workers, parents, students etc, we initiate dialogues to seek new way of learning.

- Organized 17 events, 876 participants in total

  • Mitsui-publishing
    Planned and organized events inviting authors of a book on Swedish education

  • Meiji University
    Planned and organized workshop together with students (term of classes: 100 minutes * 8 days, 2months)

  • Izara-publishing
    Planned and organized events inviting authors of a book on Danish education

Currently recruiting participants

Workshop to try out Danish way of education and forest kindergarten

We are holding workshop inviting Principal and Director of Forest Kindergarten in Denmark!

Apply now

Past workshops

SCF Hemkonsert Vol.6
"Bunne Music" - Easy-to-Play Musical Instrument from Sweden -

November 21, 2020
Organized by Swedish Center Foundation
Nominal support by Embassy of Sweden, 当別・レクサンド都市交流協会
Supported by Bunne Japan, Maihama Club, Lilla Turen

Seminar by Principal and Director of Forest Kindergarten in Denmark

October 10, 2020
Guest: Ms. Rikke Rosengren (Founder & Director of Forest Kindergarten "Børneøen Bonsai")

Online event for kids under Covid-19

April 27 - May 6
Supported by Mr. Kanto Moritake from LearnNet Global School

Online event for kids under Covid-19

March 14 - 28
Supported by Mr. Chikara Ichikawa from Mitsukaru + Wakaru

Nurturing child's strengths: workshop for family

December 27, 2019
@Career Mom Hall
Guest: Ms. Ayumi Umino (Ph.D. in Psychology, Copenhagen University)

Nurturing child's strengths: with perspective of neuro-diversity and Danish style education

December 27, 2019
@Career Mom Hall
Guest: Ms. Ayumi Umino (Ph.D. in Psychology, Copenhagen University)

What elementary pupils learns in the country with the voter turnout 85%

November 30, 2019
@Meiji University
Joint-project with professor Kenji Suzuki and students from Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University

Education in Denmark, the most happiest country

July 14, 2018 
@Open Innovation Biotope "Sea" (at Okamura Corporation)
Guests: mormormor (the group of Japanese women working in the education sector in Denmark)

Serial workshops "Education in Sweden - not Divide but Share -", 2018

Vol.1 Entrepreneur spirit education from pre-school (Entrepreneur spirit education)

@Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
Guest: Mr. Kazuhiko Kawasaki (Emeritus professor at Tokai University, living in Stockholm)

Vol.2 School is a miniature of society (Inclusive education)

@Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
Guest: Ms. Hisako Ahlberger Matsui (Active teacher at Tumba high school in Stockholm)

Vol.3 Everyone joins in making rules (Democratic education)

@Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
Guest: Mr. Kenji Suzuki (Dean & professor at SGJS, Meiji University)

Vol.4 Lifelong opportunity of the leaning (Recurrent education and lifelong learning)

@University of the Sacred Heart
Guest: Ms. Yukiko Sawano (Professor at University of the Sacred Heart)

Vol.5 Learning outdoors, bridging classroom and outdoors (Outdoor education)

@University of the Sacred Heart
Guest: Mr. Kazuki Nishiura (Professor at Miyagigakuin Women's University, Visiting Professor at Keio University)

Vol.6 Co-creation Workshop

@Restaurant Lilla Dalarna

Contributing articles and attending events as a speaker on Nordic education-related projects.

Translating and interpretating in the area of Nordics, education, marketing and business. (mainly English to Japanese)

Translation (Swedish to Japanese)

"Prata politik! (Let's talk about politics)" Chapter 3

Textbook for teachers in Sweden, published by Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.
Published for limited circulation in December, 2020.

Translation (English to Japanese)

I'm my own tiny Pride parade - LGBT+ in Sweden

Author: Sofia Jernberg
Published by Mitsui Publishing
on April 20th, 2020

Workstyle-related Projects

Developing workshops & programs related to workstyle

Planning and presenting at seminar on the theme "new business development", "freelancer", "balance between work and family", and "Nordic workstyle".

<Past seminar at>
  • Municipality of Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Konica Minolta, Inc.
  • Sanno University
  • Waris Inc.

Company Name Nordic Inspirations Inc.
Founder/CEO Izumi Kutsuwada
Business Coverage - Business development and marketing support
- Educational event / contents development
- Workstyle seminar / advisory service
Address 7th floor, Cocolia Tama-center, 1-46-1, Ochiai, Tama city, Tokyo, Japan
Establishment July, 2015 (Incorporated in January, 2019)
Capital 5,000,000JPY
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Clients <Companies>
Iggesund Paperboard AB / nora systems GmbH /
Skylight Games LLC.  / Konica Minolta, Inc. /
Business Sweden / TransferWise Japan Co., Ltd. / 
Human Academy Co., Ltd. /
Nittsu Kicoh Co., Ltd. / Uneplage International Co., Ltd. /
Global Stage Inc. / Dalarna Co., Ltd. /
Hokuou-Teshigoto, Nordic Handicraft School / Waris Inc. and more

<Education Institutes>
Waldorf education house, forest kindergarten and nursery Bonsai (Denmark) / 
Sanno University / Miyagi Gakuin Women's University and more

<Publishing Companies>
Izara-Publishing / Mitsui-Publishing

* Including a work as Stilla Marketing (former company as an independent contractor).
Business Coverage - Business development and marketing support
- Educational event / contents development
- Workstyle seminar / advisory service

Izumi Kutsuwada

Over 13 years of experience in business development:
-Business strategy/business planning at global marketing division, Ricoh Co., Ltd.
-Joinned cross-functional project within Ricoh, a new business development project in India.
-Product development at Benesse Coporation, a Japan's leading education service company.
-Won an in-house business plan competition with a team and led a new business development project in Indonesia.
- Started own business as a business development freelancer after leaving the company in 2015.
- Currently running a education/workstyle related business together with freelancers team.
Link to Nordic countries:
- Studied in Uppsala, Sweden as an exchange student at university.
- Currently engaging in several business deveopment projects of Nordic companies/brands (mainly Swedish).

Personal information we collect may be used only for responsing to inquiries.