Comfortable. Sustainable. Innovative.

Entrusting yourself to the majestic nature.

Producing what you imagine from your own hands.

Relaxing with someone precious to you.

The symbolic value of Nordic countries,
Comfort, Sustainablity and Innovation
may roots in those moments when you go back to what you are.

Through business development,
we, Nordic Inspirations, deliver such moments and inspirations from various angles.


Translated a book (published on April 24th, 2020)
"I'm my own tiny Pride parade - LGBT+ in Sweden" by Sofia Jernberg, published by Mitsui Publishing
You can read some chapters online (only in Japanese).

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Business Development & Marketing

Supporting Nordic related business expanding to Japan,
its business development and marketing.

WIth the experiece from working on product development and marketing at Japanese major office equipment manufacturer and major education service provider as well as new business development in India and Indonesia, we support your business development.

Depending on the characteristics of your project, we support your business development either as: "a part time employee" participating in your projects as an internal member; "the ameba team" forming the team necessary for the project; or the mix of both.

Business Coverage:

- Business Development
- Idea generation
- Market Research (Planning / Implementation / Analysis)
- Product / Service / Event Development
- Contents / Promotional material / Website Editing
- Public Relations and Branding
and more


Learning Lab

Developing workshops & programs where experiencing the way of learning in Nordics.
Seeking the way of work and life in the era of "Life Shift".

◆ Workshops "Lilla Turen - Learning from Nordics".

Organizing workshops where you can experience the way of learning in Nordics, which focuses on the uniqueness and originality of individuals.
We invite scholars of Nordic education and those living in Nordics as guests. The audiences vary from not only teachers, those in education sector but also HR specialists from business sector, parents, students and etc. Through dialogues between diverse people, the community seeks the direction and new vision and practices of future education.

◆ Experimentation, research and sharing of future workstyle.

Experimenting, researching and sharing the lifestyle where you can realize "the goal of work" and "the ideal life", thinking out of the box of "full-time, five days a week and lifetime employment".

Planning & organizing workshops/seminars in collaboration with companies, universities and local governments:

Past seminars at:
Shinjuku Ward/Konica Minolta, Inc./SANNO University/Waris, Inc.

Joint-planning with university:
Organized workshops together with students of Meiji University (lesson duration: two months)

Past events

Collaborations & Coordination

Collaborating on Nordic-related projects and coordinating on-site visits in the Nordics.

◆ Collaborations
Providing consulting, planning and agent services to the companies planning the Nordic related events and projects.

◆ Coordination
Providing coordinations services to the companies and individuals expanding to the Nordics, looking for agents and / or visit coordination in the Nordics.

◆ Interpretation / Translation
Our strength is the network around Nordic countries and the understanding on the Nordic society.

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Also running as:

Stilla Marketing
"Lean Marketing in Japan"


Business Sweden
Dalarna Co., Ltd.
Global Stage Inc.
Human Academy Co., Ltd.
Iggesund Paperboard AB
Iggesund Paperboard Japan K.K.

Konica Minolta Inc.
Nittsu Kicoh Co., Ltd.
nora systems GmbH

Skylight Games LLC.
Uneplage International Co., Ltd.
(Camerons Japan/Morakniv Japan/Woolpower Japan)
Waris Inc.
and more

* Includes works as Stilla Marketing

Learning Workshops & Programs

  • April 27 (Mon.) - May 6 (Wed.)  online event for kids
    Supported by Mr. Kanto Moritake from LearnNet Global School

  • March 14 (Sat.) - 28 (Sat.)  online event for kids
    Supported by Mr. Chikara Ichikawa from Mitsukaru + Wakaru

  • December 27, 2019 (Fri.) @Career Mom Hall, Cocolia Tama Center 5th floor
    Nurturing child's strengths: with perspective of neuro-diversity and Danish style education
    AM: Workshop for family
    PM: Cross-talk
    Guest: Ms. Ayumi Umino (Ph.D. in Psychology, Copenhagen University)

  • July 14, 2018 (Sat.) @Open Innovation Biotope "Sea" (at Okamura Corporation)
    Education of the most happiest country
    Guests: mormormor (the group of Japanese women working in the education sector in Denmark)

  • Series of workshop "Education in Sweden - not Divide but Share -"

    January 19, 2019 (Sat.) @Restaurant Lilla Dalarna
    Co-creation Workshop

    November 23, 2018 (Fri.) @University of the Sacred Heart
    Vol.5 Learning outdoors, bridging classroom and outdoors (Outdoor education)
    Guest: Mr. Kazuki Nishiura (Professor at Miyagigakuin Women's University, Visiting Professor at Keio University)

    November 3, 2018 (Sat.) @University of the Sacred Heart
    Vol.4 Lifelong opportunity of the leaning (Recurrent education and lifelong learning)
    Guest: Ms. Yukiko Sawano (Professor at University of the Sacred Heart)

    September 24, 2018 (Mon.) @Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
    Vol.3 Everyone joins in making rules (Democratic education)
    Guest: Mr. Kenji Suzuki (Dean & professor at SGJS, Meiji University)

    June 16, 2018 (Sat.) @Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
    Vol.2 School is a miniature of society (Inclusive education)
    Guest: Ms. Hisako Ahlberger Matsui (Active teacher at Tumba high school in Stockholm)

    May 19, 2018 (Sat.) @Kokuyo Studio Shinagawa
    Vol.1 Entrepreneur spirit education from pre-school (Entrepreneur spirit education)
    Guest: Mr. Kazuhiko Kawasaki (Emeritus professor at Tokai University, living in Stockholm)

Works related to Education/Learning in the Nordics

Life and Workstyle Planning, Presentations & Interviews

  • Presentation at company internal training session
    Novermber, 2018 Client: Konica Minolta, Inc.

  • Interview
    March 7, 2017 published monthly magazine ”PRESIDENT WOMAN April”
    "The month's feature: "How to compile "interesting documents" which can gain an approval in one second"
     "Fastest and strongest roadmap" by the team: Precise proposition by forming the proffesional freelancers team"